Welcome to what is probably the most challenging, yet rewarding family experience there is!  Having been there, done that, still doing it, I hope to share some humor and wisdom to encourage you with new postings at least once a week, shooting for 300 words or less! Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, and I seek to bring glory and honor to Him through my blogging about adoptive parenting.

Today’s topic: Accountability

Just as we adults need to be accountable to our higher authorities, and ultimately the Lord, our kids need to learn this in our home. Adopted children often struggle with this issue even more so than our biological children.  Their birth parents likely did not understand the importance of accountability, and thus the circumstances of their lives involved having their children adopted out.  We must help our kids understand the importance of being accountable to their parents, so they will joyfully be accountable as an adult. 

 This morning my 7 y.o. daughter learned a lesson about being accountable to her dad.  While feeding rabbits, she wandered off on our large farm to feed the ducks instead, and manipulated her older brother and sister into following her.  It wasn’t safe, or the right thing to do to accomplish the task at hand.  Her dad became quite frustrated with the situation as he then had to spend time he didn’t have, doing the chores she was supposed to do, then redoing the chores she did wrong which she wasn’t supposed to do!

After they all came inside, my dear husband held his temper while taking the time to patiently admonish the offenders.  All repented, and forgiveness was dispensed before breakfast. 

That is what successful adoption in the Christian home is all about:  teaching God’s word (in this case, obeying the 5th Commandment by honoring one’s father), and modeling the love of Christ when sin happens.