My 60 y.o. husband and 25 y.o. son both finished their MBAs, and graduate next month.  It took  my dh more than 4 years, and my ds less than two.  To celebrate, we took them skydiving!  They were first-timers, so did tandem skydiving.  This involves strapping yourself to a very experieced skydiver and jumping in tandem with that person.  At first they were shocked I had suggested (and paid for) such a thing!  With some trepidation they suited up, walked to the plane, boarded, then took off!  The rest of my kids and I waited on the ground, watching the plane fly higher and higher.  We held our breath as the small plane disappeared into the wild blue yonder.  Then, we saw ants in the sky as the divers emerged.  It seemed they were falling all too fast, when panic hit me!  What had I done for love?!  Finally, the chutes opened and my beloved men drifted slowly and beautifully against the sunny, clear October sky.  The excitement built as they approached the ground, and I wondered for a minute if a leg would be broken upon landing!  One after the other they hit the ground running, and stood together smiling in a warm embrace.

Adoption is a lot like tandem skydiving.  It takes courage, planning, financial sacrifice, proper equipment, a support system, and being strapped to someone you trust with your life as you both take a leap of faith!  You need people standing on the ground for encouragement, prayer, and  hugs.  It also helps if God is your pilot!

After your first successful jump you want to do it again!  You want to encourage others to do it, regardless of their age and ability.  If it is your hearts desire, and the Lord leads, provides for, and blesses it in your life, it is worth the risk.  If you don’t try, you’ll never know how great it can be!