My dear parents were both born during the infamous 1930’s American Depression.  Dad, his mother widowed when he was just 5, began hard work at an early age, eventually becoming a highly regarded trial attorney.  Mom learned her work ethic from her parents’ retail store.  Known for having perfect school attendance K-12, she was diligent in all things, receiving a Doctorate in Humane Letters for her lifelong volunteer work. Though living a comfortable retirement livestyle, they enjoy staying busy performing their own yardwork and home maintenance, among other daily tasks.  Thankfully they passed this work ethic on to me.

Children who have been adopted, generally speaking, were born into poverty: third world nation, American ghetto, unwed mother, or simply an unwanted financial burden. It is important that adoptive parents raise their children to not only survive, but thrive under tough economic conditions.  The bible teaches “…the poor will always be with us….”  We do not want the sad life of extreme poverty for any of our children.

Regardless of a family’s financial standing, providing kids the oppounity to do chores which help the family’s everyday existence is a great place to start:

  • feeding pets
  • maintaining the yard
  • helping with mealtime
  • cleaning the house
  • caring for younger siblings

All of these simple yet necessary tasks give children a sense of worth, job training skills, and if modeled and encouraged by parents: a joyfilled work ethic. Most can grow into micro-businesses for your son or daughter to earn cash for saving, spending, and tithing.

In the current economic downturn, we’ve all seen families with reduced income from lay-offs or cut-backs in paying work.  Sadly, sometimes their older children increase the burden by simply not wanting, or not knowing how, to contribute to the family’s recovery.  If we teach basic work skills as part of a chore-based family economy, our children will be better prepared to provide for themselves, and their future families.  Being willing to work joyfully and diligently at any job, they will no doubt bring glory to God, and bless society whether serving as janitor or President.