My most treasured memories as a child involve spending time with my parents.  Dad frequently took me fishing as I was the only daughter eager to bait a hook!   Together, we also built projects in his workshop,  and played golf.  I married a man very much like my father. 

Today, my 10 y.o. happily went with her Dad to run errands in town.  This was a HUGE treat for her as she has spent most of the last month,  actually the last year, in trouble and under Dad’s scrutiny for a long list of inappropriate behavior and attitudes.  This morning, she cheerfully got up and got dressed, cheerfully  helped her little brother feed the rabbits, cheerfully ate breakfast, and cheerfully completed her schoolwork.   She deserved a reward, so he offered for her to join him (which usually means ice cream!)  This time she was alongside him just for fun, not as time-out!

 Jesus called disciples to be with Him nearly every minute, of every day, for 3 years.  The relationship He shared with those men was the perfect example of how humans should live and learn.  If we are in relationship with God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – we are transformed.  This is how those who are called by Him, become a part of His kingdom family through adoption.  Likewise, in helping our children grow up, grow independent, and grow in Christ, they must spend many hours, days, and years in loving relationship with us. 

Bonding, trust, obedience, honesty, and love, can be huge challenges for adopted kids, and subsequently their parents, and siblings.  Only in relationship living will the learning occur to overcome  these foundational problems. Parents need to make, and take, the time necessary for their kids to want to be in relationship with them, not just be related to each other.