Today is my 8 y.o. son’s ‘Your Day’.  Every Wednesday is his special day of the week.  First, he gets to stay in his comfy, cozy bed an extra hour instead of getting up with everyone else to help feed livestock .  Then, at each of our 3 daily meals together, everyone prays for him.  This may mean his special desires, like a new watch; something he is struggling with, like wanting to read as well as his  sister; perhaps for improved health, if he has the sniffles; always a ‘thanks’  because we feel priviledged to have him in our family; and finally, for the good Lord’s blessing, guidance, and provision as he grows-up and has to decide whether to become a banker who lives in a mansion, or a pastor who owns thoroughbred horses (his choices!) 

We instituted  ‘your day’, after the move to our farm.  We realized that kids couldn’t feed livestock twice a day, 7 days a week, without mutiny.  Heck, parents need a break from mundane chores, too!  Also, there was way too much fighting over who got to sit in the front seat every time mom or dad would head to town with a few kids.  The real kicker was that the laundry was out of control and needed effective scheduling. 

When we added 5 more rug-rats to the house through adoption, well, it really made sense.  We further included being able to say grace first, getting to select the DVD for the day (we don’t have TV), and deciding on the menu for dinner if mom was too brain-tired for good ideas.

‘Your Day’ has morphed into a weekly holiday for each person, and a means of keeping organizational sanity in a large household.  It is, most of all, a simple way to make each child feel special and loved.  In case you were wondering what happens when there are more kids than days of the week, the little ones share a day, as do the ones who have left the nest.  Dad and Mom get Sunday, which sometimes means breakfast in bed!