Oh, my aching back!  Once in a while I suffer from overwhelming back pain.  My upper left shoulder starts to bother me, then within a matter of hours my whole upper left back is throbbing with pain.  An out-of-place floating’ rib is the culprit, and off to the chiropractor I need to go.  Since he is hunting today, I’ll have to endure the debilitating distraction until tomorrow.  Such is life.

When we first considered adoption, our home study required among other things, for my husband and I to each get a medical exam.  This would validate that we had good overall health and could take on additional kids to raise.  Thankfully, my back wasn’t bothering me the day of the exam nearly a decade ago.  Backaches, as well as life’s other headaches, can be a reason, or an excuse, to not consider adoption.  Afterall, if you can’t take care of yourself on any given day, why should you increase your burden?

Many Christians, capable of opening their home and hearts to orphans, simply won’t consider adoption because of this or that excuse.  Frequently I hear:  “I work”, “We can’t even control the kids we have”, “We don’t have room”, “I only want a baby and foreign adoption is too expensive”, “I would, but my wife is done having kids”.  The list goes on and on.

Christians!  When are we all going to realize that every one of us has unmanageable burdens?  Like the Apostle Paul, these ‘thorns in the flesh’ should not be a reason to NOT serve the Lord God!

Yes, my back is killing me today and I can’t deal very well with anything, let alone all my kids.  So, my husband took some with him, one of my older daughters is supervising the little ones, and we’ll make do.  In the meantime, 5 kids who didn’t have spit in their life before, now have a farm to play on, nutritious food to eat, and loving arms to hold them. They have a future. They have Christ! 

On any given day, life is not perfect for my adopted kids because of our human failings, but it is better than the alternative they had before they came to their forever family.

November is National Adoption Awareness Month in the US – so, stop with the excuses, and get to adopting!   If you can’t adopt, help someone who can.