A hippie who wants to be a chef; a pirate who dreams of being a fashion designer; an actress headed to the big screen; a ballerina; a giraffe; a bad hair day mom; Dumbo; a rapper seeking military service; a construction worker serving the Lord; a lumberjack shepherd; what do these costumed characters all have in common?  They are the family that sat at my dinner table last night as we celebrated our Fall Festival Night.

Tall, short, slim, stout, blonde, brunette, black, white, brown, high achieving, struggling learner, creative, logical, outgoing, shy; a beautiful rainbow of different interests and unique personalities knitted into one family by the grace of God.  Holes in the beautiful pattern have had to be repaired.  Stitches were dropped that had to be caught and reworked.  The varigated colors and diverse patterns have created a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Our family members would have most likely never encountered each other in social circles, at school, in church, or their communities, but for the good Lord putting them together in our family.  Now, they are bonded: brothers and sisters in Christ, friends, siblings, teammates.  They fight, forgive, hug, laugh, play, tease, and wrestle.

How good is the Lord we serve who can take such a diverse group of humans, adopt them into His kingdom family, and create something so beautiful, so durable, so transformed.  I am blessed we serve Him in this and many other ways.