I love candles!  We use them in our farm home for many things – on the dining table for celebrations, Dad and Mom dates in our basement bedroom, birthday cakes nearly every month, at the tub edge during leisurely baths,and to light the way when our power is out.  Whether for celebration, fun, romance, or safety, brightly burning candles provide refuge and security.

I have learned to take a long bath with more than one candle.  We have a drafty old house, and our north facing bathroom window leaks air over the bathtub.  Candles in the wrong position are quickly extinguished.  Depending on the wind direction, either end of the tub might be the wrong spot.  So, two candles will ensure light regardless of the drafty direction.  Did I mention I like to have the ceiling light off during my baths?  If all candles blow out, it is really, really dark in there!  I have to fumble around to find things, especially my eyeglasses to find the matches to relight the candles!

Jesus said “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”  John 8:12 NIV.  Jesus is our Master candle, burning brightly at all times, never extinguished.  He casts His bright and enduring light on those that follow Him, lighting the way, especially as we encounter the attacks of the enemy as he forces his realm of darkness into our lives.

When we adopt children into our Christian homes, the enemy does not like it one bit!  Those kids used to be his – no parents, no loving arms, no security, no future, no light burning brightly, just darkness all around them.  Spiritual warfare attacks are squarely aimed at the adoptive family.  The enemy hates to lose, especially to Christ!  The enemy doesn’t want our new kids living in the light of life.  The enemy wants adoptive placements to fail.  The enemy works hard to make them fail.

Christian homes need to have all their candles burning brightly when they adopt.  As enemy battles extinguish one or more candles, other candles must continue to burn.  Those still burning candles can relight the others that have lost their light.  Many candles ablaze can shine the light of Christ brightly.  Our new children need the brightly burning light of Christ to feel secure, believe they are loved.  They need to have that light of life shining on their journey as they stumble into the darkness, which undoubtedly will overtake them again and again as they attach to, and become a part of their forever family.

We need to make sure our families have plenty of candles lit, and the Master Candle burning brightly in our homes at all times.