I recently watched a powerful dvd entitled AGENDA Ginding America Down.  (go to: AgendaDocumentary.com) This documentary outlines in stunning, complete detail, the Communist agenda during the past 150 years of taking over the world, not by war, but from within each nation.  First in the USSR, then eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, western Europe, Latin America, and finally the United States.

Did you know America was under Communist takeover?  If you are like me, you thought Communism died when the wall in East Berlin came down in the 1990’s.  Well, after you watch this blistering, scary, and Biblically based dvd, like me you will think totally the opposite!

I grew up in a Christian, Republican, conservative home.  My parents were dutiful in teaching us children around the dinner table about the threat of Communism in the 1960’s.  They warned us about liberalism.  What they missed out of naivete, and so we did not learn, was how Communism was infiltrating our schools, churches, and communities even then.  The Feminist and Sexual Revolution movements of the late 1960’s, fueled by Communist propoganda, set the stage for fatherlessness, which then produced the extreme poverty and the lack of moral values our nation experiences today.

Karl Marx, Nicolai Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Nikita Kruschev, and now Vladamir Putin did not take the United States of America down with warheads.  Instead they took us down with a lack of househeads.  Today, more children grow up without a father, than with a father.  As America’s governmental policies become more liberal and social in nature (ie: the government provides education, food, housing, medical care, and protection for women and children, not the father in the home as there is none) we must remember this:  liberal Socialism’s end goal is Communism: no god, no family, no moral values.  That is America today.  The Communists have indeed taken over, and have won the war we didn’t even know we were fighting.

Fatherless orphans who don’t know Christ are the enemy’s own, unless we Christians claim them back.  The last 150 years of Communist agenda has caused the African continent alone to have 50 million orphans today.  That’s right, the size of an average nation – 1/4 of the US population is the amount of orphans in Africa.  If we counted fatherless children in America, I would expect our number to be close to that.  How many children are growing up in single mom households?  Add this to the children in protective custody, and it is frightening.  And don’t forget to count all the children who were aborted, that is a 50 million nation in itself!

If we Christians stopped analyzing our navels, put down the remote, got off our duffs, stood for right, and turned the tide by adopting orphans, how far could we advance in the next 150 years with the Lord’s blessing?  We serve a mighty God.  He hates sin in all forms.  He cares for the little children.  He wants them to be raised in loving Christian homes.  We can win the war of good vs. evil for His children.  Are you willing to be ruled by Communists, or will you serve the One True God with all your heart, mind, and soul?  Opening your heart and home to orphans is a great place to start!