I spend an hour or two most days reading the latest news on-line.  Usually I rabbit trail as I click on one headline that then leads to another.  A couple of my favorite on-line Christian news sources are:  OneNewsNow.com and BreakingChristianNews.comToday, as I hit one, and then the other, several articles regarding human trafficking came up.  With an unsettled stomach I read them, only to become increasingly saddened and further sickened at the depravity in our fallen world.  For faithful, God-fearing Christians, prostitution, especially child prostitution enrages us.  How can anyone do such a thing to precious children created in His image?!

One of the blessings of adoption is knowing that your new cherubs will never have to face the type of street life that destiny’s course seemed to have set for them in their family of birth.  Crime, drugs, gangs, homelessness, police calls, prostitution, seedy motels, violence; the images they witnessed as young children might linger, but those images are not their future.  Their future is in Christ, and in their forever family’s warm home.

When I have bad days as an adoptive mom, I have to breathe, think, and remember why I am doing this with my life.  Near the top of that ‘why’ list is that I have saved my kids from the streets.  They will never know what fending for themselves as kids or teens on the streets would be like.  We provide everything they need in the way of clothing, education, family, food, hope, love, shelter, and especially the saving grace of Christ.  Praise Him that they never will have to sell themselves for their next meal, or for their parent’s drug money.  The bottom line is:  Adoption saves kids from a life we can’t, and don’t want to imagine. 

Remember that November is National Adoption Month in the U.S.   What can you do today to promote adoption in your extended family, social circles, church, and community?  Remember that adoption rescues kids from the darkness of evil, and brings them into the light of the everlasting Christ.