When we first adopted 9 years ago, I searched for a tract-sized publication that I could give to our inner circle of family and friends that would give them suggestions of how to ‘hug’ our family.  ‘Hug’, you know, wrap their arms around us as we welcomed our adopted kids and helped them become forever in our family.  I never found one.

Recently I discovered that in 2008, Focus on the Family, published a wonderful little booklet entitled Wrapping Around Adopted Families; How to Provide Support to Those Called to Adopt. Through their website on orphancare iCareAboutOrphans.org you can click on a link to order these through Christian Book Distributors (cbd.com) for less than a buck a piece!  I ordered a dozen to pass out to friends in different churches in our community this week, hopefully sparking a fire about orphancare during National Adoption Month.

The booklets are beautifully written with enticing graphic design, but more important, they speak the truth about the difficulties of adoption and suggest ways that churches and loved ones can WRAP (Wrestle in prayer, Respite care, Acts of service, Promises of God) around adoptive families.

Order some today to let your inner circle know how they can help your family, or give these to church pastors, elders, and members to encourage adoption and WRAP in your church community.

Let’s WRAP the world’s 120 million orphans in the love of Christ, forever!  Did you know there are 127,000 legally free children in the US awaiting adoption!  An OVERWHELMING statistic, but surely there are 127,000 Christian families in the US who could each adopt one of these kids!