Well, the stress of the holidays hit our house full force this morning!  Everyone was cranky, uncooperative, and the worst offender was ME!

Okay, breathe deeply….  The holiday season of Thanksgiving week to New Year’s Day can be overwhelming for even the most well-adjusted adult.  For those of us already stretched to the breaking point, and our kiddos who subconsciously still retain  bad memories from their earliest years, well, we might as well fast forward to Valentine’s Day if we want love to reign.  Seriously, our culture heaps on so many expectations – gifts, parties, relatives we don’t even like, extra food preparation, fancy clothes – the list is endless.  This afternoon while half of my family is gone to town, and the other half is outside playing (thank the Lord for good weather!) I must readjust my attitude, or crimes will put several of us in jail before the turkey is served!

My plan of action from here on out is:

  1. Breathe, to calm myself
  2. Pray, to repent and seek forgiveness
  3. Be thankful, gratitude always improves my attitude
  4. Write, to process it all
  5. Perform simple chores, to vent my frustration
  6. Start baking, to make forward progress
  7. Take time for kid time, to gain perspective
  8. Plan couple time, to heal the wounds inflicted this morning
  9. Lower my expectations, to relieve some of the stress
  10. Get a good night’s sleep, to stay healthy and strong
  11. Wake up tomorrow, as a new day always means a fresh start.

I hate the fact that I am the emotional glue in my family!  But, I need to accept it and seek the Lord for strength during the next 6 weeks.  And, remember, I’ll be on the beach in 3.2 weeks if I don’t go to jail for out-of-control behavior! 

Okay, enough computer time, gotta go do some real work on that ‘simple chore’ list to be ready for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving overload!