This is a Powerpoint Presentation outline for a talk I will be giving late April 2013 during a local symposium for adoptive, foster, and kinship parents.  It is in conjunction with several other county agencies and community organzations.  The presentation will be a prelude to our first monthly meeting of FAMILIES BY GRACE, a new local orphan care provider support group.  The Icebreaker titles introduce a hands-on skill builder I will be teaching to parents, so they then can teach or use with their children as a parenting skill to promote communication and relationship building.desserts

One of the icebreakers is about selecting your favorite dessert, and what your selection can tell others about your personality.  For me, I like every kind of dessert, so I’m not sure what that says except perhaps I am an overachiever and enjoy life to its fullest ?

Shari’s Powerpoint ‘Raising Other People’s Kids’