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The purpose of this blog is to bless families who have already adopted, encourage those who are considering adoption, and excite others into supporting the concept and cause of adoption. 

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Adoption often has a negative public image.  However, there are many successful adoptive families, and many successful adults who grew up in loving, supportive, nurturing adoptive homes. Adoption (one means of caring for orphans) is ‘pure and undefiled religion’ according to the Holy Bible’s New Testament book of James.  Christian churches and their members have a duty to ‘care for orphans in their distress’.  Thanks to a number of high-profile orphan care ministries and projects, there seem to be more Christians than ever before interested in adoption.  Praise God, because there are more kids than ever before needing to be adopted

Highly recommended is the book I Beat the Odds, by Michael Oher.  It is his autobiography of growing up in foster care, being taken in by the Tuohy family, and becoming a successful NFL player.  His life was portrayed in the Blindside movie, but the story behind the story is even better.  He writes the truth, with grace, and it is a page-turner!

Adoption is often a very hard road, but if you walk with the Lord for the journey, He will bless your efforts with success.  This blog tells real stories, about real people, offers suggestions to overcome real struggles, and gives the glory to God.

The author of this blog, Shari, is helpmeet to her husband of 25+ years, a full-time homemaker, and now a blogger!  She is mom to 11, the 5 youngest being adopted through child welfare. Shari and her family attend an orthodox Presbyterian church which has a number of  home school families with adopted children. They live on a dryland, sustainable farm in northeastern Colorado. 

Shari writes non-fiction in her spare time between loads of laundry, home schooling, preparing 3 hot meals a day for 9 hungry mouths, gardening, volunteering as a 4-H leader, and leading a local home school support group with her husband.  She has written and had published many newspaper and magazine articles over the years.

Shari is not a licensed medical professional, a degreed psychologist, nor a former social service worker.  All her blog advice is free, and not to be construed as legal advice.  She is just an experienced mom who has a heart for all kids.   Her greatest wish (other than to visit every hot, sunny beach in the world) is that more Christian families would choose to adopt children.

In order to protect the privacy and safety of her minor children, Shari does not use their names or face photos in her blog postings.  Most photos herein are typically free public domain used to show the wide range of families involved with adoption.  The clip art is just for fun!